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The Chart component lets you plot data in pie, bar, or line charts. With numerous chart options, you can modify any part of the Chart component such as the title, legend, labels, axes, grid lines, and chart types.
The charts below use random data. To generate new data, click the Generate New Data button.
A pie chart with each pie sector uniquely colored and the labels positioned on the left and right sides and connected to the sectors with lines.
A horizontal bar chart with reversely oriented key and values axes, labels rotated by 45 degrees and dotted vertical grid line.
A vertical bar chart displaying 2 data series, legend keys to the left, horizontally oriented key axis with the labels rotated by 45 degrees, and dotted horizontal grid line.
A line chart displaying 3 data series with different markers for each data point, key and values axes, dotted grid lines, and legend keys at the bottom.