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OverviewPopup Menu

public class InputTextareaBean {
  private String feedback;

  public String getFeedback() {
    return feedback;

  public void setFeedback(String feedback) { = feedback;

  public String send() {
    return "success";
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Action Invoked
Please note that this popup menu serves demonstration purposes only.
* Right click (except Opera browser) or Ctrl + Left Click (in Opera) on Java code fragment above to see the Popup Menu component in action.

Demonstrated Features

  • Hierarchical menus - It is possible to build menu with sub-menus using Popup Menu component.
  • Client-side event handlers - Clicking items on root menu items shows a window with JavaScript.
  • Server-side Ajax-based event handlers - Clicking items in the "New" menu issues Ajax calls for server-side action execution and content reloading.
  • Menu icons - Popup Menu items may be supplied with icons.
  • Keyboard navigation - Use Up/Down/Left/Right keys to navigate between menu items and sub-menus, and Enter/Esc keys to select an item or close the menu respectively.