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OverviewTree Table

  • Ajax data loading
  • Ajax sorting & filtering
  • Static and dynamic structure
  • Configurable preloaded nodes
  • Single and multiple selection
  • Column resizing
  • Showing, hiding and reordering columns
  • Content scrolling with row/column freezing
  • Dynamic columns
  • Multiple headers and footers
  • Individual rows and cells customization
  • Keyboard navigation
 William BuddRe: FW: me and John Smith correspondence11:52 PM
 Albert ParshallRe: FW: me and John Smith correspondence11:06 PM
 Dean BoyntonRe: FW: me and John Smith correspondence9:35 PM
 Andrew BromleyRe: Look at the NPE9:05 PM
 Alex SmithRe: Look at the NPE7:57 PM
Charles DriscolLook at the NPE7:41 PM
 Larry McGowanRe: Login to the issue tracker failed5:06 PM
 James CormacLogin to the issue tracker failed3:07 PM
 Luis VibbardSpecific characters are broken after Ajax re-rendering2:34 PM
 Jane CrayfordApproximate estimate12:34 PM
George Van SlyckFW: me and John Smith correspondence10:19 AM
 Jill CatherwoodRe: Thanks for the help10:10 AM
 Aiden BonarThanks for the help5:41 AM
 Michael AllendorfRe: Build artifacts placement8/22/17 11:58 PM
 Hannes TelfordRe: Revert the last changes please8/22/17 11:41 PM
James CormacRe: Build artifacts placement8/22/17 11:18 PM
 Hannes TelfordBuild artifacts placement8/22/17 10:38 PM
 Walter BoydRe: Generated *.exe file size decreased8/22/17 8:59 PM
Robert BinneyRe: Revert the last changes please8/22/17 8:30 PM
 Michael AllendorfRe: Generated *.exe file size decreased8/22/17 6:47 PM
 Ike WickliffRe: Generated *.exe file size decreased8/22/17 5:33 PM
 George MannersRe: Your account details8/22/17 5:17 PM
 Margaret LawleyRe: Designing architecture for this module8/22/17 4:43 PM
 Walter BoydWeb 2.0 notices8/22/17 3:57 PM
Laurence BartonGenerated *.exe file size decreased8/22/17 3:22 PM
 Larry McGowanRe: Revert the last changes please8/22/17 2:41 PM
 Albert ParshallYour account details8/22/17 2:34 PM
Linus StapletonRe: Revert the last changes please8/22/17 12:53 PM
 Andrew BromleyDesigning architecture for this module8/22/17 8:28 AM
 Jill CatherwoodRe: Revert the last changes please8/22/17 8:11 AM
 Dean BoyntonBirthday party invitation8/22/17 5:50 AM
 William BuddEnvironment for the new project8/22/17 2:57 AM
 Chloe AngusRevert the last changes please8/22/17 1:28 AM
 Chloe AngusRe: Specification supplement8/21/17 9:43 PM
Clayton VasserRe: Build successful (tests passed: 235)8/21/17 8:28 PM
 Adam BuchananRe: Build successful (tests passed: 235)8/21/17 8:27 PM
 Dean BoyntonRe: Specification supplement8/21/17 8:06 PM
 Andrew BromleyRe: Specification supplement8/21/17 3:40 PM
 George MannersBuild successful (tests passed: 235)8/21/17 2:20 PM
 Michael AllendorfHide menu by double-clicking8/21/17 12:11 PM
 Jill CatherwoodUpload speed optimization8/21/17 11:38 AM
 Christine CesioSpecification supplement8/21/17 10:13 AM
 Joann LoganCode review remarks8/21/17 1:12 AM
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 George Van SlyckRe: In-place rows editing implementationAug 12, 2017
 Albert ParshallRe: Scripts performance measurement resultsAug 11, 2017
Clare JonesRe: Recently implemented functionality is not workingAug 8, 2017
 Chloe AngusRe: Scripts performance measurement resultsAug 8, 2017
Chloe AngusRe: In-place rows editing implementationAug 5, 2017
 George Van SlyckRe: Scripts performance measurement resultsAug 2, 2017
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 Frederic MoriartyIn-place rows editing implementationJul 20, 2017
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Demonstrated Features

  • Support for merging cells - all cells in root nodes are merged using the span attribute of the <o:cell> tag.
  • Specifying styles by condition - root nodes have a different style than all other nodes.
  • Content scrolling - it's possible to scroll through the entire TreeTable contents when the vertical space is limited.
  • Single node selection - click any row to select it and use Up/Down, PageUp/PageDown keys to navigate between nodes. The +/- or Right/Left keys can be sued to expand/collapse the selected node.