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OverviewTree Table

  • Ajax data loading
  • Ajax sorting & filtering
  • Static and dynamic structure
  • Configurable preloaded nodes
  • Single and multiple selection
  • Column resizing
  • Showing, hiding and reordering columns
  • Content scrolling with row/column freezing
  • Dynamic columns
  • Multiple headers and footers
  • Individual rows and cells customization
  • Keyboard navigation
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Demonstrated Features

  • Support for merging cells - all cells in root nodes are merged using the span attribute of the <o:cell> tag.
  • Specifying styles by condition - root nodes have a different style than all other nodes.
  • Content scrolling - it's possible to scroll through the entire TreeTable contents when the vertical space is limited.
  • Single node selection - click any row to select it and use Up/Down, PageUp/PageDown keys to navigate between nodes. The +/- or Right/Left keys can be sued to expand/collapse the selected node.