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Required field:  
DoubleRange field (10 to 100):  
LongRange field (-10 to 1000):  
Integer field (bound to the integer type property):  
Double field (bound to the double type property):  
Byte field (bound to the byte type property):  
DateTime ( field (converter is used):  

All client-side validation messages can also be shown in one place:

Click the Submit button to trigger validation.

Demonstrated Features

  • Client-side support for standard validators and converters - The client-side validation can be easily turned on in just one step.
  • Validation message presentations - Along with standard validation messages presentation, the OpenFaces validation framework provides own validation failure presentation where the style, the icon and the icon placement can be customized. Place the mouse cursor over the icon or field to see a custom validation message.
  • Validation of individual components - A set of validated components can be easily tuned to support complex validation patterns. Click the Validate button next to any component to validate it.