If you'd like to use OpenFaces in your projects, you have two licensing options available. You are free to decide what option suits your project best.

Open Source Licensing

You can license OpenFaces binaries along with source code packages under the terms and conditions of a GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (Version 2.1, February 1999). In this case you should study this license thoroughly and follow all its requirements. This license does not restrict using OpenFaces in your proprietary software, though it has some peculiarities. So we recommend that you should read it carefully before applying.

Commercial Licensing

You can opt for a commercial license for OpenFaces under the terms and conditions of the Product License Agreement. OpenFaces is distributed under site license, which means you need to purchase only one license for the company. Having once purchased OpenFaces commercial license you can perpetually use it in your projects without any annual renewals, subscriptions or additional fees to us. Along with the license you’ll receive a Single-Developer Commercial Support Pack. For more information on support, please visit the support page.

If you are interested in this option, please send your request to